Mazda goes electric with the MX-30

By Sandyford Oct 07, 2020

Sandyford Motor Centre welcomes Mazda’s stylish first electric model

The Mazda MX-30 is the first all-electric car in the Mazda range.   It’s stylish, fun to drive and boasts all the classic styling that makes Mazda so popular. But the Mazda MX30 has its own striking personal features, such as the rear-opening back doors, high black wheel arches and smooth sleek grey sloping roof and sharp rear and front ends. The long awaited Mazda MX-30 is keenly priced and it takes the wholesomeness of greener environmentally friendly motoring and marries it with slick, smart driving.  

 The MX-30 has all the latest safety tech including autonomous emergency braking, lane-keeping, and a very unique system that monitors the driver's attention levels. An e-Call system with GPS has been fitted, which can inform the emergency services and provide them the vehicle's exact location in the event of an accident.  At Sandyford Motor Centre, we love the brand’s typical attention to detail and are proud and happy to welcome this stunning model as the forerunner of Mazda’s journey into the electric revolution.  Like all Mazda’s, big or small, sporty or family-focused, it's a cut above the competition when it comes to driver satisfaction and when you marry that with low carbon driving, we have a winning combination. You can view our full range of Mazda cars, or specifically view our dedicated Mazda CX-30 page. We here at Sandyford Motor Centre are committed to providing South Dublin with the best the market has to offer with our 2020 Mazda cars and hybrids.

Mazda is renowned for their sharp interior finishes, and again the Mazda MX30 incorporates environmental thinking, renewable materials, and all without losing any of its dashing good looks.  The interior is simple and pared back with an in car touchscreen control centre. The First Edition trim level is available to the first 500 buyers, and will also include sat nav, adaptive cruise control and compatibility with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.  The cork trim is from the bark of trees that fell naturally.  The door trims are from recycled plastic and the seats are made from vegan friendly leatherette upholstery.  The Mazda MX-30 loses nothing of its elegance to its environmental ethos.

While other electric cars load up with larger battery packs, Mazda takes a different approach and focuses on low weight, a modest range and loses nothing on the fantastic driving experience. The Mazda MX-30 SUV was designed with the average driver who clocks up less than 60 miles per day in mind.  Mazda point to the fact that the production of heavier batteries requires that a lot of energy goes into recharging, so they have opted for a really good package, of a lighter battery, a good looking car and a great drive.    The 35.5KWh capacity battery gives up to 124 miles between charges, and does not compromise the smooth driving of the car and the effects on the environment which are familiar with large heavy battery packs. This allows the Mazda MX- 30 to be an agile, light drive with precise steering and no dragging around corners.  Reviewers point to a natural feel from the brakes, something that is often an issue with alternative fuel cars.   A full charge takes less than six hours using a 7.4kWh wall box, but it's also possible to charge the MX-30 at up to 50kW using a public rapid-charger. Do so and the battery can be topped up from 10 to 80% in around half-an-hour.

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