Mazda Unveil New CX-30 Crossover SUV

By Sandyford Motor Centre Apr 05, 2019

Mazda unveiled a special surprise for attendees of the 2019 Geneva International Motor Show last month. The brand new CX-30 is the 4th in the SUV Crossover range from Mazda, and the second model of the new generation lineup. The model uses the latest Kodo design, along with the Skyactiv-X compression ignition powertrain engine.

The Crossover market is strife with competition, but the combination of Mazda SUVs strong yet elegant style and the traditional smooth exterior of its cars makes the CX-30 stand out. This was touched on by a Mazda representative at the event who said it embodied the “flowing beauty of a coupé and the bold toughness of an SUV”.

The ease of driving makes the crossover range so popular, and the CX-30 is no different. The size of the model makes maneuvering through the City a breeze, and allows you to park without stress. Mazda have also worked on reducing the cabin noise & vibrations for this crossover, enhancing the smoothness of the drive.

The exterior of the vehicle immediately stands out due to the traditional visual boldness of Mazda’s SUV range. This includes the black body trim, along with the high riding SUV stance & the stylish rear end. The large triangular grille is back for the CX-30, a key feature of the Mazda 3.

Work has been done to the driver focused cockpit, with a new intuitive guidance system, compatible with Android Auto & Apple Pay. “We designed the CX-30 to be an essential partner in the customers daily life” said Mazda CEO Akira Marumoto. “We hope that the Mazda CX-30 will help customers discover new things in their surroundings, rediscover the delights of their daily commute and enjoy more in-car conversations.”

The overall performance of the crossover has improved significantly. Accelerating, turning and braking are the key performance attributes which have been fine tuned to enhance the drivers control of the vehicle.

We hope to see the CX-30 on our shores this Summer. For all Mazda cars including the Mazda CX-30 and Mazda CX-5 visit our dedicated Mazda Page, or call us on 01 206 9000.



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