Peugeot Launch New WLTP Compliant Expert Range

By Sandyford Motor Centre May 03, 2019

This Summer, Peugeot is launching a revised Expert Van range to comply with WLTP emissions & fuel consumption testing. The range is set to be unveiled in May, which is several months before the September deadline. The new Expert range will introduce a Euro 6.2 engine, which will be available at 4 different trim levels; S, Professional, GRIP and ASPHALT. The new trim level follows on from the success of the trim’s on the all-new Partner Range.

These new engines are all fitted with S&S Technology, which are designed to reduce the fuel consumption & emissions coming from the Expert. The engine range also has a 1.5l Blue HDi 100 diesel engine, which has been successful with the Peugeot car range.



Expert Asphalt: These vans are ideal for drivers on longer term trips, in urban and country areas. The Asphalt has numerous features which leads to a more comfortable drive. The DAB radio has voice recognition, whilst there is a 3D Navigation system to assist access on the road. There is also the advent of Park Assist 180, enhanced acoustics, and thermal design, maximising safety and comfort in the vehicle.

Expert Grip: The Grip was specifically designed for journeys with larger loads or volume of capacity, and can also carry 3 passengers (dual passenger bench seat). There are multiple features within the van, including a fold up table,fold up outer seat, and Moduwork® bulkhead with a load through flap.


The Peugeot Connect SOS is fitted in the new Expert range, which has emergency geolocation call and assistance feature. This innovative service automatically sends a distress call to local emergency services when the vehicle has been in an accident.

Sandyford Motor Centre is your supplier of Peugeot Vans. We are excited to see the WLTP compliant Expert Vans hit our shores this Summer. Check out our extensive range, including Expert & Partner Vans. Visit Sandyford Motor Centre’s Peugeot Showrooms today, or call us on (01) 2069200.


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