Sandyford Motor Centre's Peugeot e-208 Making Headlines

By Sandyford Motor Centre Feb 28, 2020

We here at Sandyford Motor Centre were delighted when we were contacted by local news platforms The Irish Independent & The Evening Herald, both requesting a loan of our brand new Peugeot EV model- the e-208. The model was used to test drive, review and include photos of in their articles surrounding the topics of Peugeot's success and the role they’re playing in the upcoming Electric Vehicle revolution. The Peugeot e-208 is already making waves as the first reasonably priced EV and we at Sandyford Motor Centre feel proud to stock this up-and-coming eco-friendly vehicle. 

Below is a snippet from the Irish Independent outlining the features of the e-208 and singing its praises, and a featured image of one of our very own vehicles.

“Topping the latest EV list is the pure electric e-208 hatchback (136bhp, 50kWh under-floor battery, claimed range of up to 340km WLTP). It costs from €27,334, comes in Active, Allure, GT Line, GT trim and has Eco, Normal and Sport modes.

The battery is guaranteed for eight years or 160,000km for 70pc charge capacity; you can charge from a domestic socket right up to a 100kW DC public terminal (80pc in 30 minutes).

Snap verdict: It was smooth, quiet and quick off the mark. Decent price.”

The Evening Herald only had positive things to say as well, below is a snippet from their star shining review of the e-208 and their experience with it.

“Rival car brands must be green with envy. Peugeot has not only one of the youngest fleets on offer, it also has the best choice when it comes to electrification.

First to sashay down the catwalk is the e-208, a full EV with a range of up to 340km.

This little city car could prove a game changer as it’s one of the few evs to come in at a reasonable price ( €27’334 inclusive of SEAI grand and VRT relief) . It's available in Active Allure GT Line and the flagship GT trim.

The only giveaway that the e-208 is different is the serene silence on board and that break-neck grunt.”

Visit our dedicated page if you’d like more information on our Peugeot e-208, and feel free to come in and speak to one of our vehicle experts, and let us arrange for you to take it for a test drive. Peugeot has big plans to continue paving the path for the electric vehicle future with plans to have multiple cars and van ranges electrified by 2023, and we at Sandyford Motor Centre plan to provide these vehicles to the public.


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