The All New Peugeot 208 at Sandyford Motor Centre

By Sandyford Motor Cenrtre Oct 21, 2019

Sandyford Motor Centre are delighted to announce the impending arrival of the new all-new futuristic Peugeot 208 to our showroom this coming January 2020. The model boasts a plethora of amazing features, usually reserved for the more expensive Peugeot models.

The all new 208 will be available in diesel, petrol or electric when released to our shores in January. There are 3 options of petrol engines all of them 1.2 litres, as well as the 1.5 BlueHDi diesel 100bhp S&S manual. The Co2 emissions of these models has greatly reduced due to a 30kg reduction in weight from the previous 208.




The new Peugeot e-208 is an eye catching vehicle, offering a stunning and smooth drive on its 100% electric engine. This version of the 208 comes in 3 different electric models, Eco, Normal and Sport. The interior and boot space is the same as the petrol and diesel versions. There are 3 different charging options, using a conventional domestic socket, or a heavy duty Legrand Green Up socket. The battery is also guaranteed for 160,000km or 8 years.



The latest generation of i-cockpit is a key feature of the car, along with the 3d heads up display. The platform also provides for greater acoustic and thermal comfort on board and lower vibration levels. Perhaps the most significant difference of the all new 208 is how it is longer,wider and lower than its predecessor. The trademark radiator grille is the notable feature of the bumper, along with the showcasing the iconic Peugeot Lion.

The back of the vehicle mirrors that of our more high end Peugeot range, such as the 508 and 3008/5008 SUVs. This is through the spoiler which has a slick black finish, as well as the 3 claw daytime running lights.


The all new 208 also boasts the advanced technology of Peugeot’s new generation of the i-cockpit. The i-cockpit has over 5 million drivers since its inception. The new technology manifests itself through our innovative 3d instrument panel. The feature gives the driver information in hologram format, displaying info which appears either closer of further away depending on importance. Some more stand out accompanying features include  Adaptive Cruise Control, Automatic Cruise Control Stop & Go, Lane Positioning Assistance, Full Park Assist with Flank-guard, latest generation Automatic Emergency Brake Assist, Active Blind Spot Detection and much more.

Sandyford Motor Centre

Sandyford Motor Centre is your home for Peugeot Cars in South Dublin. Our Peugeot Dealership is located in the heart of Sandyford Industrial Estate, hosting a vast array of Peugeot vehicles including the current 208. View all our Peugeot cars now, or call us on 01 206 9200 to speak to one of our dedicated team who would be happy to discuss your options.

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