Car finance doesn’t need to be complicated. Here at Sandyford Motor Centre,our expert Finance Team will advise you on the best finance option for your new or used car, based on your budget and needs. We deal with all major finance providers, allowing us to secure our customers the best possible deal.

From start to finish, we complete and submit all the required paperwork to ensure the finance process is painless for our customers. Even if you have had some finance issues which may have affected your credit history, our finance team are often able to work with you to achieve a successful finance outcome.

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About Our Finance Packages

Our finance team provide both personal and commercial finance packages tailored to suit all needs. This can range from single vehicle purchases to large fleet deals.

Talk to our expert team in complete confidence as to how we can tailor a package to meet your needs at a price you can afford.

Main Finance Options:


Personal Contract Plan (PCP)



Hire Purchase



Contract Lease



PCP has become a very popular way of financing the purchase of a new vehicle. It is equally ideal for a customer who would like to change their vehicle at regular intervals, or those who have an idea on what their annual mileage is. There are no concerns about future trade in values as the future value of your vehicle is guaranteed. How does it work? PCP (Personal Contract Plan) is a type of hire purchase contract.

There are 3 parts:

1. The Deposit: Choose your new vehicle and how much you wish to place as a deposit, somewhere between 10% - 30% (this can be made up from both savings and/or your trade in of your existing vehicle).
2. Guaranteed Minimum Future Value (GMFV): A GMFV is guaranteed so that at the end of the agreement, if your vehicle is worth less, your price is guaranteed and if the vehicle is worth more the good news is that this is yours to do with as you wish.
3. Monthly Repayments: This appeals to many as your monthly repayments are now calculated on the difference between the deposit and the GMFV. You pay less as you don’t have to finance the GMFV.

At the end of the term you have a number of options:
a. Hand the car back and walk away.
b. Keep the vehicle and either pay off or refinance the GMFV
c. Trade in your vehicle against a new vehicle and use any equity as a deposit towards your new vehicle.

Note: with PCP the more you use as a deposit the less your monthly repayment will be but please note that one should expect to put in a similar deposit amount into the next PCP contract for a similar priced vehicle. Remember you can always take a “cash back” amount on your part exchange in order to keep a future agreement repayment similar.


Hire Purchase (HP)



A Hire Purchase Contract is a method of finance that allows you to finance your vehicle over a period of your choice over 1 - 5 years.  After choosing a deposit that suits you, the balance of the cost of the vehicle is paid by equal monthly instalments over the period of the agreement. Once all the payments have been made, ownership of the vehicle passes to you.

This is the most suitable finance arrangement if eventual ownership of the vehicle is important to you.  

a. Fixed Monthly Repayments
b. Flexible term – any period from 1 to 5 years
c. Available on new and used vehicles





These products are designed to protect your vehicle’s appearance from both our harsh climate and the little spills that happen internally.


How does it work?

Our specially trained technicians apply a special paint sealant which creates a chemical bond with the paintwork of your vehicle thereby creating a protective barrier from the elements. 

This sealant has two advantages: 

a. Protects the paint from the harshest climate conditions
b. Eliminates the need to polish your vehicle after cleaning for a minimum of 3 years. Simply wash and dry your vehicle and your vehicle will achieve its showroom shine.

Unfortunately spills happen, but when a vehicles fabric is protected by our special resin-based formula applied by our trained technicians there is no need to panic. Any little accidents can be simply vacuumed of wiped off all the while protecting the interior fabric and keeping it looking as good as new.


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