Driving Habits that could be damaging your car
By Sandyford 08/10/2021
The day you pass your driving test is a memorable one. All that practice and pre...
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Why you shouldn’t put off that car service
By Sandyford 10/09/2021
Don’t be tempted to ignore your car service schedule Too often a car serv...
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A good set of tyres is essential.
By Sandyford 10/08/2021
The tyre is the only point of contact between the car and the road so play a vit...
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Electric, Hybrid and Phev cars a quick guide
By Sandyford 14/07/2021
There is a lot of emphasis on greener driving as we all push towards reducing ou...
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On the Road Again!
By Sandyford 16/06/2021
 Family road trips close to Dublin. The very best road trip adventures on s...
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The many advantages to switching your commercial fleet to electric driving
By Sandyford 14/05/2021
The move towards electric vehicles (EV) in Ireland is growing steadily.  Th...
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A Comprehensive Car History On All Our Used Cars
By Sandyford 12/04/2021
At Sandyford Motor Centre, we like our customers to search and view their next u...
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Peugeot 208 and 2008 – Not just the top choice for women car buyers
By Sandyford 10/03/2021
Here at Sandyford Motor Centre, we are delighted, but not surprised, that the Pe...
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A New Peugeot van for 2021?
By Sandyford 17/12/2020
Peugeot named as winners of the International Van of the Year 2021 The Trades p...
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A Quick Guide to Insurance for the First Time Buyer
By Sandyford 10/11/2020
Insurance cover for a first-time driver has never been easy, cheap or simple. In...
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Mazda goes electric with the MX-30
By Sandyford 07/10/2020
Sandyford Motor Centre welcomes Mazda’s stylish first electric model The ...
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The woes of the NCT in 2020
By Sandyford Motor Centre 10/09/2020
Don’t forget to book your retest if you were affected by the lifts debacle...
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