Electric vehicle charging points in Ireland

By Sandyford Feb 14, 2023

A brighter future for EV Vehicle charging

The demand for electric vehicles is on the increase with a recent survey from a well-known Irish auction site revealing that 70% of Irish motorists are considering going electric with their next purchase.  The survey also showed that ‘range anxiety remains the most persistent worry for those choosing to drive electric.  The distance between charging points, broken or out-of-use chargers and long queues at charging stations are points of concern for electric vehicle drivers. There are less than 70,000 electric vehicles driven in Ireland currently but the Climate Action 2019 aims to ban the sale of all new petrol and diesel cars by 2030 will mean that many more Irish drivers will go electric. The need to plug in and charge up smoothly and easily will be vital.   

There are currently 1,350 ESB-run eCars EV charging points on the island of Ireland. Alongside these, there are a growing number of independent providers, like EasyGo, an Irish-owned company that has around 1050 charging stations and Circle K who offer about 20 charging points. It is universally agreed that this falls short of the amount needed now and in the future.  In contrast, Norway currently has 17,000 charging stations to serve their population of just over 5.5 million. However, there is a lack of charging stations and a slowdown in the creation of charging points right across Europe and it is expected that only a quarter of the expected number of public charging units will be in place by 2032.  A global shortage of essential components and precious metals like Lithium are partly blamed for the delays.   The Irish Government has recently announced their plan for delivery of a national EV charging network to address the situation.    

The new Electric Vehicles Charging Infrastructure Strategy 2022 – 2025 will see €100 million spent on public charging infrastructure over the next three years. It promises a high-powered charger for every 60 km of the motorway network.  It also provides for as further home and apartment charging, residential neighbourhood charging (including new mobility hubs) and destination charging Local Authorities will play a vital role in implementing the plan. This ambitious €15 million scheme will help sports clubs to install electric vehicle charge points in local communities, so when people drop off kids or go to the club for their own use, they can charge their car at the same time. This will be just one form of destination charger. Others will be installed in locations like retail centres or tourism spots.  With a three-year implementation window, this new plan will go a long way to encouraging new EV motorists and reassuring current drivers. 


Home Business or Public Space Chargers 

Currently, most drivers in Ireland are charging their vehicles at home.  In fact, a whopping 80% of EVs are charged at home. A home charger, an office charge or if you are very fortunate, an EV charger at a sports centre or gym is the most convenient answer to smooth charging of your electric vehicle. The new strategy by the Irish Government will encourage residential neighbourhood charging. A €600 grant is available from the Irish Government for the purchase and installation of electric vehicle charger units.  Check out the eligibility and criteria for availing of the grant here.   Even if you are not actually driving electric yet, you can get a charge point installed for visitors, renters or if you constructing new houses and want to be prepared for the future. The grant will not cover the entire cost of installation and you may pay around €900 or more to have the home charger installed. Electric vehicle charger providers are offering free onsite evaluation and give you a quote before you need to make any commitment but the convenience of having a home charger for your EV cannot be underestimated given the availability of public chargers in the country.
Here at Sandyford Motor Centre, our friendly sales team can give you the full run down on driving electric.  We have an extensive range of new and used Peugeot electrics, hybrids and plugin hybrids to tempt you to drive electric. 

Learn more: First National Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure Strategy


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