Charged Up: Your Guide to Peugeot Electric Vehicles

By Sandyford Apr 11, 2024

Driving Peugeot Evs brings a silent zero noise drive, a smooth, zero gear change drive, a gentle, zero vibrations drive with zero fuel smell and most importantly, an ecological and economical zero CO2 emissions drive.

Peugeot cutting edge technology has been leading the way in 100% electric driving with innovative design and outstanding environmental performance, so it is not surprising that Peugeot Electric Cars have pride of place among the top selling EVs in Ireland. The Peugeot reputation for reliability and style accompanied by all the convenience and comfort of driving electric, makes choosing Peugeot electric a winning move.



Peugeot Electric Cars

The Peugeot range of electric vehicles meets all driving styles, needs and requirements, from the ultra-compact city car to the functional light commercial vehicle and ever-popular family car and SUVs. Driving green is enticing from an ecological point of view, but doing your part for the planet becomes a sweet deal when you consider the financial savings that can be made. Peugeot EVs cost 74% less to run than a new diesel car, with ongoing maintenance coming in at almost 30% cheaper while car tax is set at a mere €120 per Anum. And the financial enticement doesn’t stop there. New car purchase grants, Ev charger grants and VTR rebates, make driving a Peugeot electric vehicle a no-brainer for the savvy Irish motorist. Backed by a sound reputation and after care, Peugeot has also extended the electric car warranty on some models to eight years with allure care! 
Ireland is driving Peugeot electric over other marques, because of its unrivalled style, innovation, reliability, and choice of models. From the striking modern lines of the E208 to the roominess, and comfort of the robust Peugeot e-Rifter, Peugeot have the electric vehicle to meet everyone’s needs, means and their dreams.


E208 and E2008

The Peugeot e208 has been reinvented for 2024! A dramatic new look with classy new rims, full ED technology and an electric motor boasting a range of up to 412Km. Of course, it still maintains all the fabulousness that makes the e208 so popular in petrol, hybrid and 100% electric. The signature DRL 3claws. Peugeot i-cockpit with 10’’ touch screen, wireless mirror screen, and 16’’ Monti wheel trims. It’s a totally immersive driving sensation that makes road trips a dream and day driving a pleasure. Life is meant for enjoyment and Peugeot e208 is built for enjoyability and ease on the road.
Ireland just loves an SUV and the Peugeot e2008 has all the beauty of a light SUV, with an agile and effortless design that attracts admiration and brings excellence in every single detail. The classic ergonomic Peugeot-1 cockpit and driving positions offer so much comfort and wellbeing. The panoramic glass sunroof makes driving a magical experience for all the family. An impressive battery /driving range of 406k. WLTP, accompanied by smooth immediate acceleration and silent cool journey. A test drive is absolutely recommended, and we are always available here at Sandyford Motor Centre to discuss all things Peugeot, from excellent road holding, impressive battery range to the all-important financing!



Commercial Vehicles: The ePartner, eExpert & eTraveller

Peugeot electric commercial vehicles were among the first to embrace the idea that those who drive for a living need more comfort, more style and safety for those long hours on the road. The days when vans and commercial vehicles took second place to a family or leisure vehicle are way in the past. Our collection of electric commercial vehicles boast 3 yr. warranty, low rate financing and excellent trade in values, while empowering the driver and improving the overall experience. Driving wont feel like work! Range is the big selling feature and Peugeot wins hand down as the 3,000-litre traveller is charged to 80% capacity in 30 minutes at a 100kw public rapid charge point and fully charged in 5 hours at an 11kw wall box. The interior comfort is straightforward but absolutely cutting edge with Bluetooth, voice recognition, and Tom Tom traffic updates for hassle free traveling.
Peugeot has the electric vehicle to transform your driving experience while making complete financial sense. Drive safe, drive comfortable, drive electric. Call in or browse online and start a conversation today.

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