A Comprehensive Car History On All Our Used Cars

By Sandyford Apr 12, 2021

At Sandyford Motor Centre, we like our customers to search and view their next used car with confidence and trust, secure in the knowledge that the cars have been vetted with a complete car history check.  For this reason, every car on our forecourt has a comprehensive car history check. Purchasing a pre-loved car is a big investment and its important to be able to search models, specifications and price in safety, knowing that there is no hidden history attached to the cars on show. We want the car buying experience to be upbeat, rewarding and focussed on the positives of driving off in a nifty new motor.  If you have ever wondered what a complete car history check entails and how your motor dealer can get a better car check than those outside the industry, we are happy to explain it all below.   

 What are the benefits of a Complete Car History Check?

Car checks are now much more forensic and revealing than in the past and let the motor dealer know so much more than the previous repairs, evidence of accidents, write-offs and scrappage.  Knowing the full history of your used car is essential to driving away with assurance and security.  It is not just about protecting your financial outlay. There are also safety factors to consider.  The new car must be dependable, reliable with no hidden surprises. It makes no sense for anyone purchasing a used car to forgo the full car history test. At Sandyford Motor Centre, we do not sell cars without this important and trusted reassurance.

So, what does a Car History tell us?

A good history check is a credible DNA of the car.  Firstly, the reputable car checks which we employ will reveal the obvious and important information about the vehicle, including whether it has been stolen, has been in an accident, is the subject of an outstanding loan or hire purchase agreement or has previously been ‘written off’. All standard ‘need to know information’ for the wary purchaser and motor dealer.  It shows how many previous owners there have been.  It also tells us pertinent information about the classification of the car and whether it really did have ‘one careful old lady owner’, or was a hackney, taxi or company car. A comparable valuations guide gives the exact specs and data associated with your chosen car.  This highlights any anomalies and suspicious readings.   There is also a list of the emissions and road tax bands.   Most importantly, mileage readings are compared with those on the national mileage registrar, this means that so called ‘clocking’ or tampering with the odometer/mileage becomes obvious and sends a red flag to the dealer, long before the car reaches the forecourt.   

How do I see the car history check?

At Sandyford Motor centre, we keep a detailed history check on any car listed for sale. If you see a car you like while browsing, simply click the ‘enquire now ‘button and we will be happy to email a copy of the car history check to you. This is all in keeping with our commitment to transparency, trust and our maintaining continued reputation for good value and quality in used cars and customer service.

Do UK import cars get full history checks?

English cars keep much more extensive data on cars than is available here.  It must be said that Irish check are improving all the time, but the British system allows car dealers access to more history on cars than the Irish motor/car checks.   This is reflected in the car history tests on UK imported cars.   They usually include a D.O.E. (NCT) test, mileage readings and all the other information that makes up essential data and information that will make an imported used car a good buy for the discerning Irish motorist.

Can you get your Own Car history test?

It is possible to go online and pay for a car history test privately. Motorcheck.ie and cartel.ie are just two of those available.  Enter the registration of the car you are thinking of purchasing and pay the nominal fee to receive the car history.  Of course, if you want to check a number of cars, that may run into a bit more than a nominal amount.  It is worth noting too, that the information provided is not as extensive as you might like.   Motor dealers, like ourselves, pay premium rates to car check specialists, so that a more detailed investigation can take place. If you choose a used car from a reputable dealer who provides a comprehensive biography on every car available, it is absolutely unnecessary for you to pay for a private car check.  If there are any cars which catch your eye on our virtual or real forecourt, just contact sales and start a conversation.

What if something negative comes up in a car check?

We do not sell preowned cars with dodgy car history tests.  If a car check reveals anything nefarious or suspicious, we simply do not sell it on our lot.  The issues which  may come up can include outstanding financial obligations or a previous crash etc., If the car check is not perfect, then we simply do not show it or sell it.  This is the whole point of conducting extensive car history testing.  It allows us to be confident in the cars we sell and you to be confident in the car you are buying.   

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