SKYACTIV-X : The latest Mazda 3 Innovation

By Mazda Sep 16, 2019


The Brand New Mazda Skyactiv-X engines is about to hit our South Dublin Showroom at Sandyford Motor Centre. Specific to the All-New Mazda 3, the technology surpasses anything on the New Car market. The stand out feature of the Skyactiv-x that has captured driver's attention how it combines the benefits of Diesel and Petrol under one roof.

The SPCCI(Spark Controlled Compression Ignition is the revolutionary technology that only Mazda produces; burning petrol more efficiently than ever before. Mazda engineers have found a way to produce fewer emissions but generate more power. It's responsive and efficient, but most importantly; environmentally friendly.

The SKYACTIV-X will also be rolled out from day 1 in the Mazda CX-30 vehicles which will be launching soon at Sandyford Motor Centre. 

Sandyford Motor Centre is your home for Mazda Cars in South Dublin.  View all our Mazda vehicles on our website now, or find out more about the Skyactive-X here.

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