The Advantages of Electric Cars

By Sandyford Motor Centre Mar 12, 2020

Here at Sandyford Motor Centre, we have a car for everyone. Whether you are looking for passenger vehicles for long country trips with the family, or urban cars for day to day journeys, you will find what you are looking for in our showroom. Every car buyer has different needs and our highly trained, expert team will match your needs to the most suitable vehicle for you.  For some customers the best choice is one of our low emission diesel vehicles as they do higher mileage or long journeys, or perhaps some of our petrol vehicles work best for their needs. Talk to one of our team today to find out. Our award winning Peugeot & Mazda petrol and diesel cars have been enabling majestic journeys in Ireland for decades now, and will continue to do so. This article deals with the specific benefits of owning electric vehicles in Ireland. 

With the rise of renewable energy and popularity surrounding sustainable habits, electric cars have become one of the best ways to join the eco revolution and be part of the journey to a cleaner environment. There are not only many environmental benefits to owning an EV, but as well as this, there are many interpersonal advantages to investing in an e-car. These include monetary, health, safety and vehicle performance benefits that should be considered when shopping for a new car. Read on here to understand the advantages of owning an electric car in Ireland.


1. Cost Advantages

While it is true that the initial cost of purchasing an electric car is usually higher than a standard petrol/diesel model, nowadays there is a wide selection of EVs to choose from that are suited to all price budgets. There are a lot of choices when it comes to model, make, and features, that determine the initial cost. We at Sandyford Motor Centre proudly stock one of the more affordable electric car models - the Peugeot e-208, an exceptional vehicle that also recently took home the astounding title of Car of the year. Even so, if you do pay more for your EV than you would have for a gas-powered vehicle, long-term savings will prove well worth the investment. 

Never pay for Petrol or Diesel again

Easy at-home charging, or charging in public charging points, means you never need to spend a dime on fuel again. While you would need to pay for the electricity spent charging your car at home, the cost of electricity to charge your car, to fuel up for 1 kilometre, is equivalent to around a third of what you would spend on fuel per kilometre. It's easy to see how over time an EV would be a huge money saver, especially once the electric future is accepted. More and more charging will soon be made available in public places where you need not pay for electricity costs. 

Cheaper to Maintain

Electric cars are made up of a lot fewer parts than traditional cars. This means a lot less opportunity for damage and fewer trips to the garage for expensive servicing. Fully electric cars don't contain the troublesome elements like starter motors, fuel injection systems, radiators spark plugs, transmissions, oil, fuel filters, and exhausts etc.  The battery in an EV will eventually wear out, but not for a long time and most distributors offer 8-year battery warranties, another major advantage of owning an electric car.

Tax Incentives and Government Grants

You’ll also save on tax and be offered government grants, that assist with charger installation costs and more, readily available to you when you purchase an electric car.  Click here to learn more.


2. Environmental Advantages

Electric vehicles are a tremendous step in the right direction for a sustainable future. We are currently in a climate crisis, so it’s even more important now, that we do everything we can to save the planet and create a cleaner environment for the future. Investing in an electric car largely assists this cause.

No Air Pollution

A large benefit of electric cars is the complete lack of exhaust emissions that lend to detrimental air pollution. By driving an EV and choosing electric over gasoline-powered vehicles, you reduce the level of toxic fuels polluting the earth's air. By opting for an electric car, over a year you’ll save an average of 1.5 million grams of carbon dioxide being pumped into the air, and so you’re helping create a world with much-improved air quality.

Sustainable Energy 

E-cars can be powered via fully renewable energy sources- solar, wind and hydropower. Petrol/diesel car models do not have this option available to them, with gas only made available via eco-harmful extraction and transportation operations.


3. Health & Safety Advantages

The obvious outcome of less air pollution is over-all improved, fresher air quality, which is good for the health of the public. Less co2 emissions and toxic fumes being inhaled is a huge health benefit. Electric cars are also radically quieter than petrol/diesel models which contribute to less noise pollution and a more peaceful atmosphere in Dublin and other Counties/Cities.

In terms of safety benefits, It's lately been brought to light that the make-up of electric cars improves car safety and lowers the odds of serious accidents. With a lower centre of gravity due to the positioning of the battery, the chance of an electric car flipping over is also lower. This is due to fewer inner workings that could prove faulty- electric vehicles have less chance of any dangerous malfunctioning that could lead to serious car accidents.


4. Driving Performance Advantages

It's certainly distinguishable, once you switch or test drive an e-car, that they deliver a quieter, smoother and more pleasant driving experience than a traditionally powered vehicle. The lack of an engine means a quiet ride, and the centred battery lends to stability and equal weight circulation which all accumulate to easier handling. The result of immediate torque, which is provided by electric cars, equals a highly responsive vehicle that can offer a gush of speed almost instantaneously. The efficient and improved speed, acceleration and handling that comes from converting to electric is a pronounced benefit in electric cars. 


Electric Cars at Sandyford Motor Centre

All of this means that your EV will cost you a lot less to run and maintain than a fuel powered vehicle. It will lend to healthier air and safer roads and will lessen your carbon footprint, helping to protect our environment and preserve our planet. Do your part in achieving a better world by investing in an electric or hybrid vehicle with Sandyford Motor Centre in Dublin. 

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