The many advantages to switching your commercial fleet to electric driving

By Sandyford May 14, 2021

The move towards electric vehicles (EV) in Ireland is growing steadily.  There are over 26,000 electric and hybrid vehicles on Irish roads today. The figures for January 2021, show the new vehicle market share for fully electric vehicles (3.89%), plug-in hybrids (4.23%) and hybrid vehicles (19.2%) all grew strongly from the previous year.  Within this change to greener driving more and more commercial fleets embracing electric vehicles.  Electric vehicles are no longer the domain of the private motorist. A combination of new and exciting EV light commercial vehicles (LCV[‘s) becoming available coupled with fiscal incentives and the desire for more sustainable driving, means that electric driving for commercial fleets is more tempting and desirable.  The reasons to ‘go green’ are compelling for any Irish business.

Let’s talk money.

The savings on fuel costs alone is a juicy incentive for any business. When compared with petrol or diesel cars and vans, the EV vehicle has less operational mechanics and associated costs and the saving on fuel is impressive. There are also many Government incentives to entice the small commercial vehicle owner to embrace the electric vehicle. The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) have all the details of grants available to businesses considering the shift to electric. This includes a monetary allowance for EV purchasing and vehicle registration tax relief.   Of course, the direct CO2 emission values are used to calculate the Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT) and annual Motor Tax bands for vehicles, so a reduction can be expected there. A toll incentive scheme offers refunds based on certain criteria and capped at €500 per year.  For a full explanation check out the SEAI website here  .  There is also the more intangible benefits to consider, as an increase in brand image may have the knock-on effect of increased business.

The Peugeot eExpert 

Here at Sandyford Motor Centre, we were delighted when the PEUGEOT e-EXPERT was named as ‘International Van of The Year 2021’ by judges from 25 countries.  This is the first time a fully electric van has won the title.  Jarlath Sweeney, IVOTY Jury Chairman said,

“Congratulations to Group PSA on its stringent research, development and investment on producing an excellent range of electric powered vans, that exceed expectations and without compromise.”  

This recognised that the big challenge with all electric vans of a reconciliation between the load capacity and the driving range.  Not a problem with the new PEUGEOT e-Expert!  There is an option of 2 different driving ranges offering up to 330km in the WLTP certification cycle, 3 lengths, towing capability up to 1000 kg and payload up to 1275 kg and all of this while maintaining the same loading volume as the internal combustion version.  Exceeding expectations with no compromise indeed!  The Peugeot-Expert has its batteries located under the floor so there is no impact on the loading volume. If you think it’s time to look at the many benefits of driving electric, contact our sales team to test drive the Peugeot e-Partner or the e-Expert today and fully appreciate that driving electric offers no comprises to cargo volume or comfort. 

Going green is good for business.

Transport accounted for almost 40% of all Co2 emissions in Ireland three years ago.  The collective desire to improve this statistic is driving the EV market for many drivers.   We all want to reduce emissions and the impact on the environment.  The Irish Government’s Climate Action Plan has a target of 950,000 EVs on Irish roads by 2030 and it is clear that the electrification of commercial fleets must be an integral part of this move to greener driving if we are to achieve this target.  Globally, Amazon, DHL, and Ikea are among companies who have joined the Corporate Electric Vehicle Alliance to advance their commitments to fleet electrification.  In February of this year, Amazon rolled out delivery vans in some American cities to great virtual applause and much success.  As larger commercial fleets are seeing the benefits of ‘doing their part’ to reduce their carbon footprint, so too are smaller companies and delivery companies.  Brand image may be playing its part in the change to electric driving but there is no doubt that a brighter future for our children and the planet they inherit is also to be considered. If driving an electric LCV can be comfortable, cheaper, and practical, with financial incentives added to the mix,  then going green has never been more tempting. 

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